He lives in San Francisco. He writes code. Puzzles, computer programming, whatever. He loves everybody.
Martijn I have been burning through podcasts this week. Good time killer when you commute like me. Always looking for more recommendations.
Lahosken 99percentinvisible... had a good episode about octothorpes; and folks mention that other episodes are good also.
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Lahosken Comic Report: The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye / This comic is funny. I say that right away because when I tell you the premise, you'll be tempted to click away th... lahosken.san-franc...
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Lahosken I'll be in Washington DC at the end of April for DASH ( playdash.org ). What should I see while I'm there? I've already seen a lot in the area on a previous trip when I put my socks on my ears. But what else should I do? The usual travel guides don't seem to know about, e.g., the Ravenchase/ClueKeeper Washington DC Hunt ( cluekeeper.com/fin... ), so I'm asking around. I like computer history, recreational math, and puzzles (and art, but I think the usual travel guides have got me covered there).
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Lahosken Trial runthrough of my 15-minute Game Control Summit (have you RSVP'd yet?) talk was an hour long. That's... That's why you do a trial runthrough of your talk. lahosken.san-franc...
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Martijn Cool kids still say vlog. To my dismay.
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Lahosken Just setting up my sblvl
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