🤷 Rudi Oh my goodness, I've been trying to re-discover Subreply for a long time (at least more than 2 years), wondering why I didn't bookmark it, and even misremembering it as substack (my mind is a mess 😵‍💫). But today I found it again! Thanks to HN 🥲 (I believe the first time I discovered Subreply was also on HN 😅).
😒 Isoprep I vaguely remember it being posted to HN in the past, but I couldn't remember the name no matter how hard I tried. Saw it again on HN today, and my password manager let me know I had an account on here - that I'd used a bit 2 years ago and then completely forgotten about!
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🤷 Rudi I tried to look in my password manager at that time, but then I remembered I purposely disabled saving for Subreply because I use my own password generator/deriver. Oh well..
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