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Today is my Friday - no work for me tomorrow! No screaming alarm; no rushed breakfast; no stack of emails and endless meetings! I could WEEP WITH JOY!
Hey, everybody! Look at this person! They still eat breakfast!
It's Friday for the both of us! Enjoy your extra-long weekend!
Perfect blue skies; the wind rustling in the trees; squirrels running around: vignettes from my walk in the park this morning.
Gorgeous weather this morning! A nice walk in the park, where the leaves are turning from green to red, gold and brown. Any other Autumn/Fall fans here?
Fall is my favorite season, however it doesn't start for at least another month and a half where I am.
I somewhat miss having seasons. All of the are special in their own unique ways, for what makes them so unique is how they follow one another. That becomes very clear once you only have one season all around the year.
The first hint of Autumn has arrived... it's a bit dark when I wake up; cooler temperatures with no humidity; and there's talk of the new football season. Can't WAIT!
It is lovely to stay in touch with friends via text, email and Zoom; but I'm thinking about writing and posting letters, like we used to do. The current USPS situation worries me - I think we need to start supporting Royal Mail here in the UK, just in case...
Writing letters by hand is by itself a demonstration that you truly care. You have to go out of your way to write and then to post it, putting the effort that makes the whole thing so much more valuable. So yes, it's a great idea to touch those you love!
Good thinking. I recently ordered a bunch of stamps and bought some envelopes. Now to use them...(just curious: is the Royal Mail privatized?)
Another work week's over! It is a period of uncertainty right now and a lot of people are stressed. It would not surprise me if this recent violent dizzy spell was related to work stress. But on the plus side, it's the weekend! Have a good one!
I felt ill today, and I couldn't work; didn't enjoy my food and couldn't focus on my usual relaxing pursuits. We take good health for granted, don't we?
Yep! I hope you're feeling better. It's not COVID I hope? :\
sometimes you have a bad day. Sleep it off and try again tomorrow.
Rainy days and Mondays... I had planned to have lunch in the garden, but it started to rain just as I opened the door! Never mind. Lunch al desko was not too bad. Where did you have lunch today?
All I've had to eat today was a banana, and then 4:30 rolled around and I started drinking! Maximizing that alcohol efficiency :)
I had lunch in the dining room, but your post reminds me that I should have lunch in the back porch more often while it's still warm
I finished an audio book and had two watercolour painting sessions. It's therefore been a very good weekend! How was your weekend?
That sounds awesome! The highlight of my weekend so far was the Zoom chat with my friends from college/university. Also, my husband's home cooking!
I miss going to the cinema so much. It was always so much more than just going to see a film. I would have a meal and a drink, either before or after; I'd read and listen to reviews; I'd carefully choose which films to see. I'm still not sure when I'll have my next cinema outing...
I hope it won't be long before you are able to safely go to the movies/cinema again...
I agree. We always played the game of, after the film, try to list all the previews. Challenging! Last movie I saw in theaters was The Gentlemen... Hope to be back soon.
I've been to open air cinemas a couple times this season. They've been taking precautions - the chairs are placed 2 m apart and we're obliged to wear masks. But if the situation is too bad in the region, I'd avoid that too.
I read another day about the closure of the last BlockBuster and I was having a nostalgia similar to yours. The ritual of going to the store, picking up a movie among thousands of movies, preparing popcorn, sofa and blankets, dimming the lights...the end, rewind the tape, return it and do it all over.
Just waiting for the thunderstorms, as promised in the weather forecasts...
This morning the clouds darkened the city so much I had to double check that my phone didn't change time zones 3 hours ahead. Streetlamps were still on.
same here - can't wait for some rain to cool the atmosphere.
WOW - America! Are you ready for this?
Ready for...? Should I be worried?
America has been waiting for 4 long years like waiting at dentist to be done with that drill.
no i'm not sure. i don't trust the Dems, but i don't like the Pres.
My favourite song from "Hamilton" is still "Satisfied": Renee Elise Goldsberry is a diva in the purest sense of the word. She sings and raps in the song; she reveals the highs and lows of being infatuated; and she takes the audience with her on the emotional rollercoaster! BRAVA!
(Except for the two seconds in Right Hand Man with the digitized horse whinny) My personal favorite is Burn. Perhaps less emotionally dynamic as a song, but I've always admired Phillipa Soo's ability to put strength in sorrow.
I often have a hard time agreeing that development aid has to be conditional on the recipient country doing certain things as dictated by the donors. But with the people of Lebanon demanding action and an end to decades of corruption and mismanagement, is the international community right to demand reforms in return for financial assistance?
Just a short note of appreciation, for everyone who is making a positive contribution to this community and to everyone behind the scenes who are working on this platform. Or is it just you, ?
Seconded that. Including you, Diva.
I also am joining in the appreciation for Subreply. It's amazing that after a hiatus, it was able to be revived.
The forecast states that the temperature won't drop below 20 degrees Celsius at 23:00 for the next few nights in London. What hell is this?!
Hey fellow Londoneer! More concerned about the 36c during the day!
The tories.