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For the first time ever, I had my temperature checked before I was allowed to enter a building. I was pleased to see the staff wearing shields, masks and gloves too. I felt reassured. Is this a common experience for you? Do you feel protected or annoyed with these measures?
There's quite a lot of places around here that check temperature. The local supermarket even did it for a while when things were at their peak. I still see it being done at office buildings a lot. My workplace (although I haven't been there in months) has been using a thermal camera instead of the tempgun at the access control gates
I used to think that listening to audio books was "cheating" somehow; I don't really know why. But I am currently listening to a non-fiction book and I am really enjoying it. How do you feel about audio books?
Love audiobooks. I listen to either a podcast or audiobook every night 30m before bed, helps falling asleep too.
I don't think I would be able to enjoy Super Powereds as much as I would have if I read it.
I like them! I haven't listened to any since quarantine though. I used to walk about 30 minutes to and from work every day, great chance to listen to an audiobook or a podcast.
Learning should be fun, not work, so you can't cheat haha. Honestly, audio is such a great way to learn and absorb information. My only gripe is its inefficient sometimes, because I read faster than I that true for you too?
I feel ambivalent and uppity. If I was in book club and somebody tells me that they are so busy so they did not read Magic Mountain but listened to the audio book I would raise mi right eye brow and look the other way :).
For everyone that enjoys audio books, did you parents read to you when you were a kid? I often read books on my own and don't particularly enjoy listening to people read out loud.
I like audio books for stuff that you can just jump in at any point and catch up, like a podcast. While books that require more thoughts and you have to get back to previous points to get the context, listening alone is just not a good experience.
They're great! If there's a book I want to re-read, I often find myself picking up the audiobook instead. It feels like going through the same content with a different perspective and is really fun imo
I like listening to audio books that aren't too complicated to think along with, because I can do so while doing my chores. For more complex ones I'm really missing the option to highlight stuff that I have in physical books and ebooks. Any suggestions for fixing that problem?
I like them but I don't feel they're "the same" as a book. I don't quite know why, and I suppose I have a bit of 's response, too. Somewhere here is a terrible reply about how things that are more fulfilling are often "harder" but I'm not sure whether it applies here...
If it feels right, then it is
I personally haven't ever listened to one but I have nothing against it. I don't think there's anything better or worse about reading vs hearing stories.
Audio books have been great to listen to long Chernow biographies like Titan and Hamilton, but it felt less-than-ideal when listening to a book like Principles or Capitalism in America, where I want to highlight it to save it, take some notes, and read it again in the future.
There's nothing wrong with audiobooks. I've always loved physical books so I read whenever I can. I do like to listen to podcasts every now and then though.
Dont like it. Make me feel constrained. One dimension of my imagination is gone. It also takes less effort which makes deep understanding harder.
Sunday summer showers; but I am relaxing at Diva HQ, slowing down and enjoying simple pastimes like journalling. How do you relax?
Sitting out on my back porch, looking at the view from the back of my house.
Once I get my new house situated, I'll look into getting a hot tub for the back porch. Hot tub at night with a beer... extremely relaxing.
We've started a BLM book and film club in my unit. I am very impressed that it is a bottom up initiative, with positive engagement from POC and white allies.
This has been another challenging week, at work, at home and health wise. I am mentally drained. Oh weekend, I love you!
I'm with you diva! Completely knackered and needing a break. What are your plans? :)
Same. I'm relaxing in a hot tub right now, trying to forget about work and plan for the weekend.
A lot of uncertainty ahead of the creation of the new department, and one of my colleagues is anxious & concerned; it is impacting their wellbeing and mental health.
As someone who struggles a lot with anxiety, I can definitely empathize. My remedy has been a daily dose of meditation. It has kept anxiety at more bearable levels.
Sorry to hear. Major changes can really be anxiety-inducing. I hope that this change ends up being a good thing, or at least not a terrible thing. I hope your colleague takes time to take care of their self and that they get through this.
We're halfway through the week - thank goodness! Another busy and uncertain stint at the salt mines. More staffing changes to get through. SIGH!
I really can't watch when the nurse draws my blood for tests. I don't mind needles, but I always feel woozy if I see the vials filling up
I feel the same way when I get a blood test. I hope all is well with you!
Lots of unexpected things happening in the virtual salt mines, including my manager might be moving on much earlier than planned?
Even though it's been a strange season, impacted by the pandemic and lockdown, I am REALLY looking forward to the FA Cup semi finals this weekend!
Have fun watching them!
As a Liverpool fan it's almost been an anti climax having the football return. With the league practically won before lockdown it's kind of felt more like a semi-competitive pre-season.
And the hits just keep on coming - my Director wants me to join another unit, in a sideways move, to help them through the merger. Not happy!
I was honoured to listen to a presentation on a lessons learned review about the absolutely wicked and tragic "hostile environment" immigration policy. We must ensure that it never happens again.
Peach was down and my team drew at home; what have I done to make the gods angry?!
I keep seeing mention of Peach - what is it? :D
My love for, and appreciation of, coffee knows no limits!
And here we are again; hello Monday! I'm hopeful but realistic about being back at work. It will be challenging but productive, fingers crossed
I hope your week is productive but not too challenging!
I didn't watch any news bulletins today and this has had a positive impact on my wellbeing
That's great to hear!