The journey started in April 2014 when Sublevel was launched as a text-only social network after multiple attempts to create a public service. Over the past years Subreply evolved to what you see today.

The text limit was increased from 256 to 512 then 640 characters. Threading saw deep changes, but in the end it mostly works the same as day one with additon of a few JavaScript enhancements. We experimented with messages and photos, but photos were scrapped for a more tidy experience.

Use it as an app

Subreply app can found on Google Play Store and it can be installed on any Android smartphone. Additionally, Subreply can be used as an app on any Android or iOS device: open it with Chrome or Safari then add it to the home screen.

Monochrome is the perfect app to browse Subreply on the Mac. GNOME Web can be used to install Subreply as a web app on Linux. And lastly, Subreply will feel right at home on Chrome OS.

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All the statistics

  • Pen
    2,361,626 characters 7,409.9 per week
  • Update
    7,795 updates 24.5 per week
  • Reply
    10,760 replies 33.8 per week
  • Heart
    3,015 likes 9.5 per week
  • Mention
    923 mentions 2.9 per week
  • Network
    7,904 relationships 24.8 per week
  • User
    2,955 people 9.3 per week
  • Chat
    3 active 0.8 per week