~ 32 years old
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it's been a while since i was here the last time (17 weeks)
When are you planning to be here next? :p
I just could not post a link because it was too long :(
This site needs polls
imo it's better to keep it minimal. already has almost no JS, why bloat up perfection?
Here's a simple ranked choice poll website you could use and link to: rankem123.com
I believe there is value in the simple text mode function of the existing interface. Certainly there is a niche that has been filled for the more feature-full social platforms like Facebook/Twitter that implement polls and the like. My personal hope is that this site will not go the way of "reinventing the wheel" and retain what makes it unique - text only functionality.
No, it doesn't. Keep it simple. The answers are like polls right?
Also it would be great if I could post from any page
I wish only posts (without replies) appeared on Search
Okay, so after several hours of struggling with WinAPI, I've ditched the idea of writing an auto-capitalizing program, but look what I have just found! addons.mozilla.org...
thanks for the follow! followed back!
okay, so i'm writing a windows program for intelligent auto capitalization. i mean, why do we have it on mobile, but not on desktop? that's so stupid
do you like black metal? youtube.com/watch?...