Likes final stops. Or even semicolons. Removes ands, nows, and wells. English & Portuguese. in Brazil
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Good day tonight, nice group meeting, calm day overall.
Wassup peeps?
Are things slow here on Sunday nights?
3h ago. So, yes, pretty slow.
Well, a nice figure of words for this chapter so far: 1,111.
Methinks I need to write more in a plain-text editor (right now, using ) than in LibreOffice. I concentrate more on content than on formatting. At least, today's material went better, and I think that's why.
I didn't feel hungry until I started to eat. Sometimes there's a spiritual lesson in that as well.
Anybody have an idea if it's safe to download and install the deepl translation app?
I'm using it. It's just so good. Is it safe? I have no way of verifying that. But they are German and I trust that they comply with the strict data protection laws there.
Class went longer tonight, teacher got a second wind.
Worked until midnight last night and part of today getting a little book ready for its second edition. Much nicer than the first!
How to get an emoji to appear?
From settings you can set your emoji status. There's no emoji picker.
Getting well ahead on one of my weekly online classes, for tomorrow night. Proud of me.
Had to be out and about today. Went with a neighbor. We got several things done. Now ready for lunch.
Seven not-so-shallow lessons from the lockdown, so far:
One failure today, another success. Things even out.
So I just got hit with a bucket of cold water. Time to reinforce the mental hardness.
Ice Bucket Challenge? ;-)
Gave class at 7, did video in early afternoon, gave an online class at 17h30. I'm tired!