🌚 Nlggers I agree with this sentiment. I am concerned with the direction western tech platforms are taking with regard to censorship. My anecdotal experience has been that in the early 2000s censorship was more prevalent among companies outside of the US (Daily Motion for example) and with the introduction of American companies offering similar services (YouTube) things became more free. Now the opposite has become true with Google introducing programatic censorship via Perspective API
Leeks So my questions sideways about this discussion are: why did you choose this username? Is it intentionally to be inflammatory? And if so, why is that a priority? Does it stem from a need for attention? I doubt anyone can seriously defend the worth of exercising free speech to use slurs. People who choose usernames like this misuse the free speech argument as a bulwark for 1) needing to cause a stir wherever they appear to feel important or 2) actually being racist or whatever
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