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👽 Lucian Marin The last Mojave version brings back subpixel antialiasing for fonts. I didn't test it on external display because I don't have one. I want to buy a last year MacBook Air just to use Mojave.
Joel Cipriano You mean 10.14.6?
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Personavox Mac OS X Sierra vs Mojave. Is Sierra safe to run ?
Joel Cipriano Yes. Sierra is still safe. I receive security updates regularly. Even for iTunes and Safari. But I would be using Mojave if I had a Mac with a Retina display. Explaining... something was modified from macOS High Sierra that made text blurry than usual on non-retina displays. System-wide. That's why I still use macOS Sierra. I tried a few times to use Mojave, but I can't tolerate the blurry texts.
☕ David Antoine They should release a new 12 inches MacBook Air in place of the actual MacBook 12"... And rename the MacBook Pro 13" simply MacBook. Just like before... It was more coherent... Their naming convention/scheme is strange. For iPhones as well... I also read somewhere they have filed a patent to included sensors behind the screen, like Samsung did. The notch is probably going bye-bye at some point...
Joel Cipriano What about a "MacBook Pro 13" SE". A machine with the MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2012 body (MagSafe, ports, battery status indicator, infrared receiver, and "breathing light"), but with a Retina screen, a little thinner and updated internals?
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