I'm an inveterate tinkerer. I'm happiest when chasing bright shiny things and bending them to my will :)
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🌲 Tho macports vs homebrew?
☮ Christopher Patti Homebrew by a long shot. The only reason to even entertain Macports is if you have a beef with the way Homebrew is laid out. Macports purists take issue with putting things into /usr/local. My take? It works so I could care less :)
🌲 Tho okay, i finally got my MacBook air. now what language should i learn in order to make money on it? i guess c++ is out of contest because of the different architecture?
☮ Christopher Patti Swift. It's the language Apple is pouring money into. The Swift playground seems like a neat idea. Alternately, if its level of abstraction is too high and that makes you itch, you could always try Objective C I guess? :)