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Sigh... X11 hates me. The stuff I found online doesn't help me. I guess I'll create an account and post in a forum. If that doesn't work, I was thinking about reinstalling Ubuntu anyway :-/
What's the issue?
Echoing , what is the problem? There are here many Linux users, me included. So you're already in a kind of forum.
Damn, the popular emoji faces are taken.
Do any of y'all have a completely normal (non-vulgar) word that you hate? For me it's "ossify".
stinky. absolutely despise that word.
Moisture and smear
Unfortunately. It really grind my gears.
Not any word in particular, but it bothers me how some people use complicated words when there are clearly simpler and more down to earth alternatives available. Damn you pedants!
Quixotic and palpable
One time, when I went to work, I accidently left my cell phone at home. That day sucked. But the thing is, I don't need my phone. I can turn off my phone for a week while I go backpacking, but day-to-day? I guess I am addicted to it. If my phone was glued to the wall, my life wouldn't really be different. I could answer texts/emails when I get home. I could read a paperback book if I'm waiting for something when I'm out. The GPS/maps/directions would be the biggest loss.
I really want a smartphone with an e-ink screen. I feel like that could go a long way towards disincentivizing me to use my phone, while maintaining the functionality. You know what? Let's e-ink my monitors while we're at it, too.
I have to remind myself that for years, I did ok without a smartphone. And I didn't get one until 2012 because for a long time I didn't feel like I needed one.
xrandr and a usb-c to 3x displayport adapter is amazing :-) Now I just need to get a mat for my rolling chair, a usb-c dock, and take down the crap on the walls the seller left, and my home office will be complete.
I saw someone put down some wood instead of a mat under the chair on reddit. Looked amazing!
Hacker News is still getting worse/popular (I forgot when I first started using, I know it was before the Bitcoin whitepaper). Any other similar sites anyone can recommend?
Is it though?
It indeed got popular, i don't think it got worse, but i see what you are trying to express here, the circle jerk is almost palpable lately. Check out maybe you'll like it there.
I'm with the others in thinking HN isn't much worse. In spite if its popularity (if you can call a tech forum like that popular), it's still very much one of the best places to find sane conversations on the web.
I've been liking smaller-scale link sharing places recently. Once I found interesting is
Spending the first night in my new-to-me house tonight. I closed on it a month ago, but gave the sellers a few days extra to move out, then I had to get new carpet, and also I had the garage floor epoxied. Everything is still in boxes and the furniture unassembled, but at least I have clean sheets and mattress.
Congratulations on the move! Sheets and mattress are the top priority on day 1 and it feels great to have them set up
I bought a birthday card for my dad, but forgot to bring it with me when I visited him, so I mailed the card after. Today he received the card and it 'blew him away' and 'left him speechless'.
Twice as more satisfaction in the end!
Just goes to show: Better late than never!
USPS is getting lazy about postmarking/voiding the stamps on the letters I'm receiving.
I never thought I'd buy a Mac, but I saw a 2006 iMac at a thrift store, so I decided why not. 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, 24 inch screen 1920x1200, 250 GB of spinning rust. I'll look online to see what I can upgrade. A preliminary search shows that the Intel chipset will only recognize up to 3 GB of RAM. I'll see if I can replace the the HDD with an SSD, and maybe even the CPU.
Why 2006? Seems pretty old, what will you be using it for? I've never owned a Mac, heard a lot of good about 2015 Airs. I, obviously, love Thinkpads, had few, but I still own X230 13" i5/16GB ram/7200rpm and it's awesome with long battery life and speed sufficient for anything I need.
It is really interesting to me that a 14-year-old computer is totally fine for web browsing, streaming, Office suite etc, which covers what 90% of users actually do. But if you went back to 1999 and tried to use a 1985 computer, it would be like a museum piece.
The old Mac hardware stands up. It's a shame that some of the obsolete kit isn't supported through the newer OS versions but it's still a nice piece of hardware. I use 2x 2011 Mac mini as ESXi hosts. Nice SFF.
Front page of Hacker News, nice.
How I got here...
yeah! I thought this site was new. It turns out to be years old?
grats :)
There goes our tiny little community, a few tens of people to many multiples of that. Let's see how many stick around.
I found sublevel through HN a few years ago, hopefully front page brings in just the right number of new users...
Happy to have found this place
, I see that you have Honolulu in your profile. I lived there for a couple of years due to my job, but moved back to Texas about a year and a half ago. Do you live there now, or do you go back-and-forth?
I've lived in Honolulu forever. My uni is in Shanghai. So yes, I would technically be going back and forth, but as of right now, summer break, I am here in Honolulu. How was your experience living here?
Bought (closed on) a house today. The sellers have a couple of extra days to move out. It was very anticlimactic.
Congratulations! Once you start moving in is when things will get exciting
Congratulations! That's a big... Move!
, Subreply doesn't support the interrobang!?
My dad has a bunch of DVD recording machines. He only needs one, but every-so-often it would die, so he'd buy one from eBay (they are discontinued). He held onto the dead ones in case I could fix them. I just opened them up today, and they all have the exact same capacitor that blew. Design defect I guess. I'll order new capacitors and swap them out, and hopefully he can sell them back on eBay.
That's great that you were able to figure out what the problem is!
I like the mobile layout better than the desktop layout. I think it's the colors, style, and placement of different groups of text.
I'll have to check out the desktop layout to compare