hyperseeker.stream ~ 29y old
Steve Brand There's indescribable joy for me in solving a problem I know I know how to solve, eventually. Taking a couple of days to make sure the image sticks exactly like you want it is beyond what heroin can do.
Amrita digging into openstreetmap for a project, exciting
Steve Brand Share your thoughts on OpenStreetMap!
Steve Brand Also: can't reply to myself? Subreply does not allow paragraphs, so replying to self would be quite useful.
🧿 Dav Bell Completely agree - got the same issue - looks like a top priority feature
Steve Brand I'd like to keep the mathematical symbols - e.g. the "one-third fraction" - instead of rendering them as ASCII. Is that not an option? I used U+2153 specifically.
Steve Brand Joined this place 2 1/3 years ago. Forgot about it, hoping to eventually do something here. Came back, and now's the time to do something to keep the account. Quite a coincidence.