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Sorry but what is the reasoning behind forbidding me to write the same thing twice? I just learned, that I replied with "nice!" 25 weeks ago already. So now I have to make a list of compliments to use?
You can't post the same thing twice?
Relevant xkcd:
We have lots of single points of failure and are only getting more.
I read somewhere that social networks are addictive to the point of modifying brain chemistry and rendering people emotionally unstable by affecting their dopamine response. Besically transforming adults in children or pre-adolescents (something to that effect)... In regards of therapeutic nature, looking at the stars is by far the best of all spectacles... Second being a total solar eclipse. Imho :)
Definitely a fan of both those things.. Saw my first total and yes stars are fascinating on a completely different level. Plus you connect with our past in a world moved so far away.
i am internet addicted (and also a melomaniac, but that's another story), so for me happiness would be becoming one with the web. i can't imagine how people live without computers. i'm also depressed and deeply unhappy, so i'm not someone to be considered an example of a happy person. also i think that happiness is the ultimate goal of life
I struggeled with the same things for years (internet addiction and depression). Honestly for me taking a long break from the internet (as much as possible) really helped with it. I tend to think the internet is actually pushing happiness in the wrong direction. For me nature seems more therapeutic than anything I could consume (media wise)
yet depression is the plague of the XXI century, don't you find that strange with all the stuff we've developed?
I agree with you what is best for body and soul is not always aligned with the goal of "advancement".. I wonder what the satisfaction or happiness is for some of the indiginous tribes still in existance.
advanced where? can you say with confidence that people live now better and happier than they lived 100 (1000) years ago? another point: there doesn't have to be motivation other than the will to live
Technology. Hunger (%). Sewer/Septic. Power. Transportation. Communication. Water. Hot Showers? I think most people would choose to live in present day over 1000 yrs ago.
The general failure and ultimate collapse of the Texas power grid should forever be remembered as a failure of unregulated capitalism. For the numerous failures and tragedies broadly attributed to "socialism", I think it is fair to blame this on on capitalism.
Money = motivation in capitalism. What motivation mechanisms are there with socialism? I would think that part of the reason we have advanced so far in the past few hundred years is largely because of the motivations provided by capitalism. Can it go too far? Obviously.. True capitalism means monopolies..
Sunrises on Catalina are so beautiful.
Haven't been there since I was a kid but now I wanna go back and appreciate it more! Catalina is amazing
Highly entertaining indeed. Also regretting not hoping on that train. But I think it's more complicated and regulated to do the same thing here in Europe... Seen the guy who apparently invested $55k and ended up with $13M nearly overnight. That is life changing, good for him and the others! God...
Guy has diamond hands.. Still hasn't sold. Nice seeing the people turn on the establishment. MORE POPCORN!
What failure are we speaking off? The election was held according to the rules of each state. These are the United States, not the Federation of States. One state calling foul on another can happen and the evidence Texas presented against PA was laughable. Nothing to see, move on. Nobody was denied due process.
The failure is that a large amount of people do not agree on the results of the election. Legal merit isn't the point. There is a huge divide and there should have been a better effort to get everyone on the same page. A meaningful case before the SC would have made a difference in that even if it was tossed out (after voices were heard).
I thought it was. / So who should require it, Big Brother?
Philip K Dick seems to be mandatory too and a little bit more relevant than Orwell
Which book? I wouldn't mind checking it out.
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