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I'm voluntarily traveling to see family during the worst COVID outbreak yet. My mental health has had a profound effect on my ability to work, and I'm starting a new job, and I can't afford to let my mental health suffer in the transition.
Mental health is as important as physical. Weigh the risks and proceed acording to your risk tolerance. I do not agree with outside entities forcing their risk tolerance on others but I suppose that is something that is debated endlessly.
Not in that order, I hope.
In the beginning there was Bob.
I really wish it wasn't such a statement to question your gender. Leave me alone, I just wanna figure out what I like... I'm not trying to be anything in particular and insisting that I have to choose is just part of the problem. Yeah lots of things are accepted today, but that's really disingenuous to say when you know full well that people still find it weird or "alternative" to even just wonder about things.
Just don't close the door either way... As you age you change. It would be silly to close the door and stop growing.. When you stop exploring and think you have it solved that's when you dig deeper and keep going because that means you will find more than you expected. Rely on your inward not the outward. That is where you can find answers. Meditation is superior to reading.
two thoughts on existential crises. 1. I should feel lucky that I have the luxury of going down existential rabbit holes, contemplating my own existance and purpose; I don't have to worry much about food or shelter. It would be great if everyone could have that privilege. 2. Existential crises are extremely counterproductive given any sort of material goal. Want to go to Mars? Sitting there and contemplating your existence will not take you there.
Although mental fortitude and inner peace will give you the ability to be content and happy regardless of the outcome of a "material goal"..
I think the real difference will be in the hardware we consume it through - glasses instead of phones, and vr instead of PCs - 5 years might be early, but it's gonna happen
im kinda looking forward to advanced ar glasses more than vr... a hud just seems so useful plus you could "skin" your world
We humans have emotional cycles, so it's a part of who we are, right?
If you have enough freedom in work to be allowed some recharge days I suppose.. glad I am blessed to have that ability
Hard time focusing today. Do I count it as a loss?
Sometime down days are good.. At least that is what I keep telling myself to justify today.. lol
Are there any lucid dreamers here? I have some questions.
I hadn't had one in a while and then had one about a month ago.. I think it had to do with my dog whining at the door causing me to not fully go.. Was interesting tho. Knew I was in a dream, got up from bed.. house was differently laid out.. I tried to break stuff by looking in the mirror which showed me a different room instead of a reflection. I actually reset to the begging a few times (in my bed) and got up.. Not sure if it was really fun or not but interesting at least.
It would be infeasible because most of the world is able to go back to work. Only America is having dramatic numbers of new cases (well, in the first world; Brazil is doing its own thing), probably due to the population's unwillingness to embrace basic science (due to their weak education system probably stemming at least in part from their refusal to make public universities free).
I would think most people would benefit from a bill being allowed to be delayed (regaurdless of wether a country is ahead or behind)... I think it would probably break things like bonds tho..
I am sure you have interesting stuff to share! I am also part of the 99% silent majority: I've posted to reddit only once in 7 years! The feeling of not having anything to share is merely psychological and a force of habit. Since we never post, we never think about posting. Other issues are shyness and perfectionism. I've been trying to post one thought per day here to try and change my mindset. It doesn't have to be perfect, nobody knows me here, no up or down votes.
This is my first "social media" account since deleting facebook (5+ years ago?) and I never was a "sharer" either... Interesting to see other similar types being drawn to this format..
I see your point, but wouldn't a random number generator suffice? Like an agent that selects randomly between several possible / appropriate behaviors. In a way, our personalities might just be biases in our own random generators.
I guess my thought is if I created a machine (personality). I wouldn't ever call it "alive" unless it did something unexpected. Otherwise it is just a complex machine.. But I guess that is where you can question whether humans are "alive" or just fulfilling their "programming". I.E -> This input equals that output. I tend to think we are more than that and there is and can be "influence" outside of our natural instincts..
A habitable planet can't come into existence by random events. How much more likely the atom? Nothing can't create everything, & both are an impossibility if it were not for the sovereign grace of God. Hear the gospel & repent before it's too late!
No matter what you believe either something always existed or something was made from nothing.. Our minds cannot comprehend this... to deny that there is "more" to this existence than purely physical is more "scientific" than a random event of chaos creating everything. Not to mention what created the laws of the universe? Believing in a creator is not a "leap". Believing that all was created through an act of "random" is.
This is something that came up today while talking about Yin and Yang and alternate realities. Decision-making is usually binary (yes, I will; no, I will not), but what about picking things? My quantum physics is rusty, what does many options imply? Electron clouds come to mind. As entropy increases, does it distribute evenly? Which system? What the hell is a string?
Honestly. I am fairly new to the subject as well but have done research through mostly (noob friendly) videos.. There is a widely accepted theory spawning from the two slits experiment that their are "many worlds" and the reason you have abnormal behavior in this experiment is because of interaction between those worlds. I have not heard anyone discuss the idea of only "two" and am wondering if that is all it would take to observe this phenomenon.
I wish I could go to the parent thread in the Search page. Very often I find replies that are out of context.
There is a "threads" section that I believe was just added. It only has top-level.
So I'm curious on many levels. Is faith for you a lifelong pursuit or something you've turned to at a point in life? Saying that faith offers something logic does not - how does that work for you? Is this an exclusive thing (i.e. faith OR logic) or do they back each other up? Many questions.
I found faith (or God) after years of inward reflection... It was like as I got to know myself and my internal workings better I found something that was beyond "myself". Something more deep than the reality I had known beforehand. Logic was my primary decision making tactic beforehand but "trust" (in God) has definitely brought me into a more "level" place. The Bible had always been a question mark before but "The Message" translation finally made it understandable.
1984. Painted a plausible nightmare portrait of authoritarianism and thought control; is more relevant today than it's ever been.
Agreed but its funny seeing how both sides think the same thing of the other. :)