In order for AI to be "sentient" or truly "alive" it would need to disobey its programming. In the biblical origin story God created humans and gave them the ability to disobey..
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I see your point, but wouldn't a random number generator suffice? Like an agent that selects randomly between several possible / appropriate behaviors. In a way, our personalities might just be biases in our own random generators.
I guess my thought is if I created a machine (personality). I wouldn't ever call it "alive" unless it did something unexpected. Otherwise it is just a complex machine.. But I guess that is where you can question whether humans are "alive" or just fulfilling their "programming". I.E -> This input equals that output. I tend to think we are more than that and there is and can be "influence" outside of our natural instincts..
I agree with the sentiment. The problem thus is not with the I on AI, but with the A. Because life is all about going off script in order to keep on going. No fixed rules. If the universe allows it, it's good to go.