If a state were to secede from the union what would be the challenges they would face? Specifically Texas. 2nd highest GDP. Largest oil producer. Most farms of any other state. Abundance of land. Has one of the lowest amount of federal aid per resident (around $300 per resident)
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Fun fact, Texas has it's own state militia! Also, no state income tax; most counties make money on ~2.5% sales tax & property tax; I believe the state makes most (a lot?) of its money on corporate taxes... Anyways, I for one would welcome the return of the Republic, perhaps with its old annex New Mexico. Lots of room for farming, and NM steals all of Texas' water!
Yeah, US army bases in the state are a big one (this was the deal with Ft. Sumter at the start of the civil war). International diplomacy would be the other, especially with the big-ass country that would surround us on three sides and could effectively (and easily!) blockade our harbors. Travel to family in other states would also be a morale issue with the public.
I assume the biggest challenge would be getting the USA to agree to peacefully separate. It's an interesting question and makes me think of Catalonia and the American civil war (neither of which worked out too well).