🦚 Kogicon What 1 book has most changed your life, and why?
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Zero Edge The Bible. Specifically: The Book Of Job -> Provided me with better wisdom and understanding.. gave me better understanding of God and how he works. Proverbs -> Provides wisdom on a daily basis. John -> The two most valuable commandments: (Put your trust in the higher power, love others as yourself) . Its the only book I can go back to daily and leave with overwhelming peace. Also taught me to find a new "power" in faith which I never could find with logic alone.
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Dan Heath So I'm curious on many levels. Is faith for you a lifelong pursuit or something you've turned to at a point in life? Saying that faith offers something logic does not - how does that work for you? Is this an exclusive thing (i.e. faith OR logic) or do they back each other up? Many questions.
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Zero Edge I found faith (or God) after years of inward reflection... It was like as I got to know myself and my internal workings better I found something that was beyond "myself". Something more deep than the reality I had known beforehand. Logic was my primary decision making tactic beforehand but "trust" (in God) has definitely brought me into a more "level" place. The Bible had always been a question mark before but "The Message" translation finally made it understandable.
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