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Question to (python) devs. How do you handle cognitive complexity in the main function? I usually manage to design small side functions but vscode complains about the main one having either too much parameters or a high cognitive complexity. It's usually due to nested loops that I don't manage to separate.
What do you mean by main function? Is this a kind of game dev thing? I handle functions that are too complicated by refactoring such that a function does a single thing. If many things need to be done I write many functions.
I miss going to the cinema so much. It was always so much more than just going to see a film. I would have a meal and a drink, either before or after; I'd read and listen to reviews; I'd carefully choose which films to see. I'm still not sure when I'll have my next cinema outing...
I agree. We always played the game of, after the film, try to list all the previews. Challenging! Last movie I saw in theaters was The Gentlemen... Hope to be back soon.
What kind of music do you listen to? What genre?
I listen to both kinds of music. Country, and Western.
What's "pooch" for cats?
Kitty? As in "Here kitty, kitty" works like "Here pooch"
Continuing on from 's thread: I started Mr. Robot back when it first came out. I *adored* the pilot, but didn't enjoy the rest of Season 1 as much. I never latched on to Season 2. Should I give it another shot?
I didn't enjoy season 2 as much when watching for the first time, but felt that it and season 1 were better when rewatching. I loved the show though.
I'm looking to build a web app to deploy a tiny python script I wrote. I have nearly 0 experience with web dev. At the moment I would like to implement it without using a framework like flask or django. I've heard of the websockets / asyncio packages, does anyone have references to guides or tutorials on this subject?
You could look into python anywhere, their free tier should let you run a short script once a day. They also support a very easy integration with flask. I'd recommend doing one of their tutorials if you're interested.
Yes! I'm there now. Very happy with the new place. Working on furnishing it now.
Congratulations! Hope you're enjoying the new place.
I am watching Better Call Saul, really good acting. I've also enjoyed watching Westworld and the Handmaids Tale. Westworld's first season is by far the best, I think they really dropped the ball with the third one.
I had to stop watching Westworld season three. Shame. I thought they had good ideas, good effects, good cinematography, good actors... It just did not come together well and lost the magic season one had.
Nice! I plan on getting a hot tub in the not-to-distant future. No wife yet though, but one day.
Quiet days of rest and reflection should be mandated for our wellbeing. Just here, relaxing on Sunday, slowing right down. Hoping you are all enjoying your day!
I'm playing on my phone in the hot tub while my wife is making burgers. About as relaxed as can be right now. :)
wooow that's quite amazing actually
Thanks. I was surprised it worked as well as it did. I'm actually having more trouble separating male from female writers. I guess Trump may be more different from others than male writers are from female. (Or my model just needs more work)
Old style tape recorder? :)
That's a really great idea! I could transcribe it in the morning (I prefer having a searchable dream journal) :)
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