Why is subreply so positive compared to Twitter which is often negative? Is it purely like and retweet counts? Number of users?
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I'm inclined to think it's because Subreply has a small community.
You're almost right. Why? In philosophy's lingo, because community's size may be necessary, but it's not sufficient. In other words, there's more to it than its small size.
I am really enjoying the positivity! I like how replies are respectful and polite. I am not sure of the "why", I just hope it continues.
Subreply doesn't give you the same adrenaline rush & doesn't reward you in the way that other social platforms do. I suppose it attracts a different kind of person.
I agree - there might not be an adrenaline rush, but I always look forward to logging on to Subreply for its content, respectful replies and different points of view.
Speaking for myself, because it's a nice change of pace and I'd like it to stay that way. A bit of positivity momentum, I guess.
Hear! Hear! I hope it doesn't change.
my hypothesis has always been that when the mainstream begins to flood a platform, it brings negativity and a lower quality of content. what makes the world interesting? it's the one-offs, the unique perspectives and the mavericks. some may call this the eternal september - en.wikipedia.org/w...
Good point. I enjoy the conversations we all have here that are untainted from likes, resharing, etc. Every post and comment has a direct link, cannot be taken out of context, and is driven purely by discussion.
I wonder what twitter was like in the early days? Also, seems like people are not really that political here (yet), which seems to be the source of much of twitter's meanness.
I hear you, and I definitely see some of it. I just want to add that I follow some football (soccer) based accounts and it's insane to read those threads. They're not political for the most part, just pure vitriol at times. Perhaps it's a reflection of politics becoming more like sports, my team vs your team, my party vs your party.
I hope we can maintain this civility.