Interesting quote found on quitfacebook... "Our brains are no match for our technology". But our technology is a direct result of our brains. So, put it very simply, is it matching when we do good things with it and not matching when we do bad things? Any thoughts?
Technology lets us concentrate and combine mental energy. I could beat any chess AI if the developer were only allowed 30 seconds to write it, but if the developer has weeks or months to concentrate chess/AI strategy and persist it in a well tested program... The invested mental energy adds up and overcomes the natural condition.
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Do you think it will be possible one day to code something simple for a few minutes and then let it go and see it auto-rewrite itself to a high AI level? Makes me think again about cellular automata, starting simple to end up very complex.. Or simplexity ; but I'm not sure the term could apply in that case as it is more in relation to chaos theory and strange attractors (if I remember correctly)...
Maybe! Although then, using the paradigm I described above, I'd describe it as a concentration of all the intellectual energy that went into developing or discovering the system that enabled this.