I think Jeffery Epstein probably didn't kill himself, and Ghislaine Maxwell probably won't either.
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It's total bullshit. He might even still be alive. There are very powerful people who need him to remain cooperative or be dead. Donald Trump is definitely compromised by things Epstein knows about him, and so is Bill Clinton. Prince Andrew is guilty, but he's a sleight of hand misdirection for the aforementioned duo.
I tend to think he actually is dead, just killed by people who didn't want him to talk. The way he (apparently) died seems so brazen. Like they hardly bothered to make it look like a suicide!
I'm not completely convinced by the official story regarding WTC 7
I'm not familiar with the reasons to doubt that story. What do you think are the most compelling reasons?
I concur. Lots of people were afraid of what info he might use. + the result of the second autopsy, paid for by his brother, revealed fractures that you don't get from hanging yourself from your bed.
Broken bones in his neck, two cameras failed, two guards "asleep" when it happened, taken off suicide watch early...