😾 Oskar So, this seems less anxiety inducing than twitter. Will it live? Anxiety is addictive.
😏😎 Yt L. I think it needs a dark mode.
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🕴️🕺 Matthew Townsend I'm seeing everything in light text on a black background on my phone here.
😏😎 Yt L. Interesting. I was trying it on my laptop (with this account) and getting a dark mode. Now I'm back on my phone and in light mode. I'll have to figure this out tomorrow!
🌲 Trees i think dark mode is hugely overrated :\ really don't understand the hype around it
♻ Drew I agree. I prefer everything light mode and just turn down the monitor brightness, and/or use Flux
Rsm I love it for a week, then back to light mode. And after a week, it's over to dark mode. And then ...
😏😎 Yt L. After using dark themes on every application I can, I find that light color themes hurt my eyes. This is especially true when I have a dark window on one monitor and a light one on the other.
🎣 Fish mine is dark i think my browser auto sets everything to dark mode on brave