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I made the switch to Caddy over a year ago now and so glad I did. Much nicer to work with and the TLS stuff is so smooth.
This week I consolidated my personal web projects on to Caddy and agree fully! It's a very nice daemon so far, and it has good sane TLS configuration defaults. The number of servers shipping with antiquated TLS defaults in 2020 is tragic. I only have a couple gripes... 1) not all configuration parameters are exposed in the Caddyfile so you might ultimately need to configure it via JSON/yaml/toml, and 2) no process privsep (not such a big deal if run in a container/jail).
I've been trying Haiku OS today. Has anyone tried?
I tried out their live USB image back in April. Amazing the progress they've been making over the years. I used ZetaOS way back...
Why does alleviating certain anxious thoughts require so much slow and deliberate thinking? I suppose it takes practice...and is ultimately worth it.
It's often about understanding what you're reacting to, and modifying that reaction. So slowing down and reflecting in the right way can help that.
I'm looking for book recommendation - what's your all time favorite?
What different OS are people running? Always been intrigued by Linux as a forever windows user and im finally trying some out. Ive seen Tails, and Puppy Linux so far. Any recommendations?
FreeBSD and Gentoo, though Fedora is probably the most polished Linux distro.