Reading the news often makes me frustrated and angry, and I really can't do anything about what the news is reporting on. Considering giving it up entirely and purposefully avoiding the news.
Someone posted this a couple hours ago: I hate the news.
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That's a great article, thanks for sharing! The key point is this: "With the time people waste reading a newspaper every day, they could have read an entire book about most subjects covered and thereby learned about it with far more detail and far more impact than the daily doses they get dribbled out by the paper. But people, of course, wouldn't read a book about most subjects covered in the paper, because most of them are simply irrelevant."
Thanks for the share
One must read the lengthy rebuttal in the comments as well.
Thank you for sharing, I'm really surprised by the quality of the comments. A lot of them shine a light on the other side of the argument and I can really appreciate that.
Nice, thanks sharing this
Love this, thanks for sharing...
It's a good essay, and I very much enjoy and agree with his point about the news being a "closed loop" that doesn't really require my involvement. Thanks for sharing.
Except when it does. I.e. local news.