This is a question that a colleague asked me a couple years ago, and it just keeps coming back to me. If one becomes informed about the damage that our meat consumption is causing on the planet, does it become immoral for one to consume meat? Say, if you watch a couple documentaries on Netflix and continue consuming meat, does that make you a bad person? I don't really have an answer. I think about it every time I eat a burger.
Driving a car, flying on a plane, buying products that are shipped on boats overseas - all of these are destructive to the environment. Should you stop driving a car? Does it make you a bad person if you fly on a plane? Maybe. Alternately, some people see it as a challenge to do better - electric cars, more efficient planes, in this case... 3D printed or Lab grown meat. Maybe, it's not black and white.
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I like your point of seeing it as a challenge to do better. To be fair, some people don't have the option to *not* drive to work. It's just part of what they need to do to survive. On the other hand, there are easy alternatives to meat that cost the same and keep you alive just as well. I think that's where the thought of immorality comes from.
Hard to point fingers at meat when there are so many other industries and lifestyle changes we could change to save the earth. At some point we'll have to collectively say "this has to go" in the same way that we decided everyone needs to wear masks during COVID. The alternative is much better... Offering a suitable replacement or something better all together. Hopeful wish, I know.
I really like your perspective! There are ethical problems in almost every aspect of modern life (probably not just in modern life though). Where do you think should change start (if you think it should)? On policy level, personal level, cultural level, or all of those?
That's a very difficult question to answer. Do what you can. For some of us, that is making changes to your diet or buying more efficient vehicles. For others, it's building a company that will provide those services and products. If we're looking for someone to blame, we all share it. No sense in pointing fingers. You could regulate offenders out of existence, but it wont change the requirements to live a modern life. We need to invest, invent and change the game.