📉 Bill Is cryptocurrency dead? Haven't heard much lately
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đŸ„ Mr It's probably just boring now (as a real currency should be)
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Michael Toomim It never dies. When it's not in the news is when you should buy it. Then the price will rise and it'll go in the news again and people will buy it again and the price will rise even more. And for some reason these days I have some friends who keep talking about DEFI.
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📉 Bill What is DEFI?
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👉 LĂ©o Or, the price will plummet and it's going to go in the news and people will sell again, and price will drop even more...
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đŸ˜Ÿ Oskar Bitcoin is sooo last decade. However, Bitcoin may halted it's aggressive expansion but the blockchain in general didn't. I see a lot of projects still adopting technology and actually finding some use cases. Sad reality is that until BTC stays tied to fiat pricing it will just be a fun-token. Actually it's nice that bubble ended, this limited idiots and scammers competing for clown award of the year. I am still somehow optimistic on crypto in long run.
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👉 LĂ©o There was some buzz around the bitcoin halvening earlier this year. It went smooth, all seems to be working fine. Prices and hashpower have been relatively steady, so people don't have much to say. Steady prices should incentivize adoption for everyday use, but I haven't heard much about that either.
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