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There's a fair-sized market of used ThinkPads for this reason. Whoever put these big-ass bezels on a laptop then try to pass it off as the LVDS driver had ought to be stoned. Seriously unusable without a tiling window manager.
Oddly enough, I've only just started using regex in emacs. Whenever I needed to edit with regexps before, I'd switch to vi.
I feel compelled to mention emacs' re-builder, in case someone doesn't know about it
Emacs, but I can use ed and vi when they're better suited to a given task.
Emacs too... I know enough of vi to quit (without saving) 🤘 But I can use nano when I'm forced to ;)
In Texas, many are without water, power, and internet. With no lights and internet, I wonder how many people's sleep schedules that's going to affect.
If this is to last, I'm relocating now ;)
On Linux you can use Dash to Panel on left side of the screen. Same can be done on Windows to save vertical space. 16:10 is a lot better for content creation, 16:9 is for content consumption.
Thanks for the suggestion, very nice of you :) Under Linux I'd actually be using Xmonad or StumpWM to have my screen /full/. When reading code, my mind-buffer is sometimes blurry, I need my screen to show me as much state as it can. Rant is over. There's not fighting against The Market. But I won't buy a Thinkpad until they have proper screens back :p Nay, Lenovo.
I was a part-time teacher in a vocational high-school (it technician) for the last one and a half year. It was a great adventure! I wish to pursue it, but sadly I don't have enough time between my other jobs/projects.
Teaching is really awesome when kids get curious about what you're showing to them
Ouch, good luck! Hope it won't take your whole weekend.
Thanks :) It's fine! Have a good Sunday too!
What project are you all working on these days?
I'm grading my students for their Word/Excel/HTML exam. Neat :D Otherwise, I should figure out what occupation to seek for next year.
Janet is a decent Lisp. I like how close it resembles Python.
Thanks for the suggestion :) You may be interested in Hy, too. To make my original point clearer (if I had a point): I don't think I'll have a choice in picking my language, professionally. This motto is a way to reassure myself that C++ is a sane language, after all.
What if people around us use the same communication channel ? I mean if I setup a Mattermost instance and I convince my friends and family to use it (separated by example by differents teams) all communication (text, audio and video) can happen in the same place !
Assuming you get all colleagues and friends on your Mattermost (good luck with that :p), will you decline friendship with people who only use regular SMS?
There used to be something like that for IM called Meebo. It's a great idea, but do chat systems like Facebook allow third party apps?
I don't see anything changing until messaging services are compelled by law to interoperate with 3rd party apps. This mess is there to last.
I feel I understand you. Desktop computers have a kind of physicality that makes them more reliable, a sturdiness akin to a good old-fashioned workshop tool, like a vise, or a sledgehammer. Even if most of it is just a projection, there's a mental comfort in feeling confident in its tool-like hardiness that a flimsy laptop cannot provide.
The world feels less alien to me knowing I'm not the only one ;)
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