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I was a part-time teacher in a vocational high-school (it technician) for the last one and a half year. It was a great adventure! I wish to pursue it, but sadly I don't have enough time between my other jobs/projects.
Teaching is really awesome when kids get curious about what you're showing to them
Ouch, good luck! Hope it won't take your whole weekend.
Thanks :) It's fine! Have a good Sunday too!
What project are you all working on these days?
I'm grading my students for their Word/Excel/HTML exam. Neat :D Otherwise, I should figure out what occupation to seek for next year.
Janet is a decent Lisp. I like how close it resembles Python.
Thanks for the suggestion :) You may be interested in Hy, too. To make my original point clearer (if I had a point): I don't think I'll have a choice in picking my language, professionally. This motto is a way to reassure myself that C++ is a sane language, after all.
What if people around us use the same communication channel ? I mean if I setup a Mattermost instance and I convince my friends and family to use it (separated by example by differents teams) all communication (text, audio and video) can happen in the same place !
Assuming you get all colleagues and friends on your Mattermost (good luck with that :p), will you decline friendship with people who only use regular SMS?
There used to be something like that for IM called Meebo. It's a great idea, but do chat systems like Facebook allow third party apps?
I don't see anything changing until messaging services are compelled by law to interoperate with 3rd party apps. This mess is there to last.
I feel I understand you. Desktop computers have a kind of physicality that makes them more reliable, a sturdiness akin to a good old-fashioned workshop tool, like a vise, or a sledgehammer. Even if most of it is just a projection, there's a mental comfort in feeling confident in its tool-like hardiness that a flimsy laptop cannot provide.
The world feels less alien to me knowing I'm not the only one ;)
I have an ad free experience on my Android smartphone. iOS is horrible.
Thanks. Good to know. I may change my mind. But it's not like I actually have any defined idea what tomorrow will be like.
I don't use apps unless they are paid. Ads on social are inescapable but you don't have to use those either. I tried the light phone (2) and enjoyed the first day or 2 with it, but honestly a phone without GPS or the internet is kinda useless. Everyone communicates with links, images, videos, articles, locations now more than ever. I don't really want to talk on the phone anyways. If anything I want a mobile device that can't make phone calls, not the other way around.
I sympathize with your point and it makes perfect sense. Mine, on the other hand, is that I'll ultimately become unreachable by any means ;)
The way Subreply is now, it cannot connect to Mastodon. Lucian would have to create a Subreply "instance" using the Mastodon protocol and get us all to sign up. Besides each other's posts, we would be able to see posts from other Mastodon users outside the Subreply instance (unless Lucian blocks posts from all other instances, which I think can be done?)
Doesn't read like such a great idea in hindsight :) Thanks!
Skip meals every now and then. Learn to tame your hunger.
In my experience, the interesting thing is to get back in touch with what it feels like to actually be hungry. More often than not, I realize I'm not eating to feed myself but just out of habit or to tame adverse feelings instead. Going for chocolate now. BRB.
absolutely +1 on the coke thing. I drink really rarely but when I'm sick it really helps and the people around me think I'm crazy! For me it can be even as small as one can.
I guess the purpose is similar to these things but I've never tried either in such case. My "flavor" of this is some soy sauce with hot water. All of these things getting you to drink more and upping your minerals. But the medical version should be the safe way.
I did not know that. This might help me play with plan9 more... HolyC is really cool, too. The system Terry Davis built in TempleOS is fascinating. HolyC is JIT, and I think can be rebuilt and executed in place. It's a bastard language for sure; somehow it reminds me of a shell language but actually compiled and statically typed. Why is this not a more commonplace way to design a modern operating system? There's a lot of cruft from Unix left around, it's horrible. Zalgo!
TempleOS is certainly on my shortlist. Any concept of computing that makes it stick in one's head is a path to investigate! Statically typed is a boon for checking code consistency and compiling to the best of the hardware capabilities. Dynamically typed code is a boon for exploration (and, at least with Common Lisp, it can be typed with annotations in a second phase).
Yeah, it's either having an edit button or the possibility to reply to oneself.
Reply to oneself would in fact allow for longer messages. The stringent limit on message length is likely supposed to funnel the threads in collections of chiseled, manageable arguments. Stating the obvious, maybe.
There's an /about page. Here:
Thanks! I see (on your threads) that you've been wondering about similar questions. Which confirms I'm indeed not supposed to reply to my own messages. That's a philosophy. Also, for the record: only now do I realize that threads only show first-level replies. (Yes, despite the number of replies being stated underneath.)
Mastodon mainly.
Just been wondering what's Mastodon and now I'm wondering how it could interconnect with subreply :)