I think I'm done with smartphones. Were I able to script stuff on them they'd be useful but I don't need an ad dongle stuck in my pocker. Soon to be back to Nokia 105. Hopefully.
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I don't use apps unless they are paid. Ads on social are inescapable but you don't have to use those either. I tried the light phone (2) and enjoyed the first day or 2 with it, but honestly a phone without GPS or the internet is kinda useless. Everyone communicates with links, images, videos, articles, locations now more than ever. I don't really want to talk on the phone anyways. If anything I want a mobile device that can't make phone calls, not the other way around.
I sympathize with your point and it makes perfect sense. Mine, on the other hand, is that I'll ultimately become unreachable by any means ;)
I have an ad free experience on my Android smartphone. iOS is horrible.
Mine too. All customized exactly because of that. Mine does what I want it to do, and nothing more.
I have an ad free experience on my IOS smartphone. Android is horrible.
Thanks. Good to know. I may change my mind. But it's not like I actually have any defined idea what tomorrow will be like.