What other social networks do you enjoy these days?
Mastodon mainly.
Just been wondering what's Mastodon and now I'm wondering how it could interconnect with subreply :)
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The way Subreply is now, it cannot connect to Mastodon. Lucian would have to create a Subreply "instance" using the Mastodon protocol and get us all to sign up. Besides each other's posts, we would be able to see posts from other Mastodon users outside the Subreply instance (unless Lucian blocks posts from all other instances, which I think can be done?)
Doesn't read like such a great idea in hindsight :) Thanks!
I think it's better to keep separate the two networks. It's not the same goal. In french, we call it "une usine a gaz", technical mess.
It has been a while since I started hearing about Mastodon, but I am still to make the effort to join it. do you feel it is different in use from Twitter?
Mastodon works like Twitter, you can find the same subjects and trolls sometimes but it's more interesting and technically it's not centralized like Twitter. You subscribe to a local instance which never scan your data. And if you fed up with it, you can migrate to another one. But you access to the whole messages (from all instances). Balance between local and global. No advertising indeed ! I'm on a french instance framapiaf.org