Father, husband, graduate student. Interested in mechatronics and discussing the future of civilization.
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Nothing. That's the problem. haha
Hahaha paradao aqui hein?
Is there an option here to delete an account?
Everything Microsoft touches turns to dust. Nokia, Minecraft, Skype, Yammer, LinkedIn, GitHub and list will go on.
Microsoft: the direct opposite of king Midas.
Sounds like you might enjoy Oulipo word/writing games. They are also called constraints. languageisavirus.c...
Wow that's interesting! Tanks for sharing. It looks like something for a professional more than for a hobbyist like me ;)
You should play scrabble!
I do! I am terrible hahaha
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That's great! Just yesterday I was running around looking for a packaging solution for my vaping habit (aren't we all?). Seriously though, we may need a report button.
Aircrafts are a good example of electric parts replacing hydraulic systems. Landing gears are electric motors.
That's a great example as well, thank you for the information :)
Nice! What paper are you trying to write?
Hi! It is a comparison of electric motors and other types of actuators. Essentially, electric motors are getting better and better, to the point that they can replace things like brakes. That is to say, motors are more power and torque dense than traditional brakes. I needed a reference that proves what my advisor had told me: motors are getting better thanks for multiphysics modeling and simulation tools.
Cars get old. Wealthier people can afford chasing the next shiny thing, so they move on to newer models. That increasingly creates a market for used electric cars. Prices drop with increased supply. That then triggers demand. And as this trend starts gaining momentum, the market grows exponentially. The same is true with the reverse. As the ICE market shrinks, the availability of models and parts also shrinks. That increases the prices. Higher prices lowers demand. Etc.
I think EVs will eventually be ubiquitous, following the process that you described. But there will also be a meantime when both exist. During that time, prices of ICEs will drop. Eventually ICEs will become a relic of the past, and prices would rise again. But there is a lot of in-between while the transition is happening. If you can't afford even a used EV, you will be stuck with your ICE and expensive gas at least for a while. And you still need to go to work everyday.
It doesn't tickle my fancy either. The bill was released in the capital cities yesterday. Haven't seen one yet.
Right, and I just found out it is the same size as the $20 bill. Kind of dumb, ruins the whole accessibility thing. I like the white-gray color, looks sleek.
Although mental fortitude and inner peace will give you the ability to be content and happy regardless of the outcome of a "material goal"..
Very true. We shouldn't limit ourselves to material goals.
1. Either that or you are a philosoper, where going down the existential rabbit hole is an art and trade. I'm on that camp.
Cool! That's definitely a valid exception. How did you get into this line of work? Are you in academia? I am sure there is a huge difference between what I go through when I go down an existential rabbit hole and what you do for a living.
Is adblock stealing? Do you use adblock? Why? Sure, advertisers don't have the right to your attention, but don't the content creators have the right to your financial support?
Adblock is not stealing anything, it is just rehashing what's been sent to your computer for free. You're not implicitly signing any contract or accepting a terms of use when you access a web link. Adblock is not hacking into a company's servers to give you ad-free content. It may be harsh, but unless you've signed a contract or hold intellectual property you don't have the right to compensation for anything. So it may be immoral, but it should not be illegal to use adblock.
Do any of y'all have a completely normal (non-vulgar) word that you hate? For me it's "ossify".
It'd be nice if there was a way to leave a voicemail on another persons phone w/o ringing their phone. There's a level of interaction between sending an email, which is insufficiently personal, and calling someone, which is far too obtrusive, which I think would be great for modes of communication where voice is crucial. The broader category might be email for voice? Or asynchronous voice chat?
This is actually very common in Brazil, where everyone uses WhatsApp (a Facebook app). You record your voice message on your end and it appears as a playable audio clip for whoever you sent it to. I'm not a fan, but it is the favorite mode of communication of a lot of people, including my extended family.
What are your tricks of 'getting things done' ? For me washing the dishes and 7 minutes workout.
That's difficult for me. I feel like I lack self motivation, and sometimes I have an irrational fear of getting things done. I just keep expanding or perfecting something that already works, or find random projects to work on instead of doing actual work. Meditation has helped me in the past, but recently I've been procrastinating even that! I guess my one "trick" would be to have a HARD due date. Like a mean boss wants to see this done by next week or they'll yell at me.