I like the idea of exoskeletons for rehabilitation (e.g. make paraplegic people walk again) but I dislike human enhancement stuff. Why use an exoskeleton to lift 1000 lbs? Just use a remote controlled robot, or a fork lift! Want to run at 60 mph? Use a car! Just imagine if something goes wrong with the control system or the freaking battery connector fails while the user is lifting 1000 lbs above their head.
That's a very grounded argument you have there. Never thought it like that before. And it makes much sense once you think about it from a practical point of view. All tech fails at some point. And your scenarios, though focusing on very fringe instances, are entirely within the realm of possibility.
Thanks! Inevitably what comes to mind are those big robots they used to fight the machines in the matrix trilogy. I remember thinking at the time: why wouldn't they operate them remotely from a secure bunker? Another issue with human augmentation is controllability. As you increase the actuators power, they become harder to backdrive. Essentially it wouldn't feel like the exo is part of your body. It would feel like wearing a fork lift.
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