What tv shows are you watching? I'm watching Handmaid's Tale, Mr. Robot, Westworld and Dark.
I am watching Better Call Saul, really good acting. I've also enjoyed watching Westworld and the Handmaids Tale. Westworld's first season is by far the best, I think they really dropped the ball with the third one.
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Agree on Westworld. I found it intriguing that the actors, in real life, were having to do these scenes, and, to some degree, were having to act according to a writer's whims, much like the "hosts" in the westworld world. And there are other cool things. But, yeah, it sort of wandered off, it seems like.
I had to stop watching Westworld season three. Shame. I thought they had good ideas, good effects, good cinematography, good actors... It just did not come together well and lost the magic season one had.
I stopped at the first episode of season two. Or maybe the second episode, don't remember... Don't watch TV show or movies as often. But I did watch the season one of a small show called 'Upload' , nothing special but pretty nice. About a guy who gets murdered and end up uploaded in a virtual reality world... The tone is on the comedy side. 10 episodes. 'His Dark Materials' was nice too, the CGI used for animals is awesome in it...
I had a similar experience. I tried for 3 episodes, but something felt off. I just couldn't relate. So I stopped watching.