My native language, Portuguese, has a cool feature that English doesn't have. The word "ai" pronounced ah-ee means "there where you are". It pretty much can only be used in conversation. I like it because, unlike "there", it is completely unambiguous. Another cool feature: days of the week are just numbers. Monday is 2nd, Tuesday is 3rd, ... Friday is 6th.
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You're right about the days of the week being counted from Sunday, the Lord's day. I actually don't like the way we name it precisely because it breaks with a much older tradition of naming them as the old gods. More info here:
Which complicates things for foreigners, figuring out the difference between ai, ali, and la ...
Very true! That's actually how I noticed the feature. My wife often gets "ai" and "la" mixed up.
Ai (with an accent '): there, but on that place where you are. Ali: there, but over there where none of us are. La (again, with an accent '): Over there, but somewhere further, distant. The all convey placement, but with increasing scope in distance.