What's your current setup? (Computer, OS?)
on the hardware side : i7-5820k with a Noctua NH-U12P cooler with 16GB of RAM, a GTX 980, 2 SSDs and an HDD I have Manjaro with Gnome on one SSD and Windows 10 (for games) on the other SSD, whats your setup ?
Short answer: A fairly recent Thinkpad running Arch Linux. The details: I use Zsh as my shell with no login manager. I recently started using KDE/Plasma after years of using XFCE as my goto DE. Why? To give it a go, mainly. I'm pretty happy with it for now, mainly for its WM, kwin, which is very versatile and customizable.
Main driver is a fairly new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition. I threw Ubuntu off board though because I prefer my Void Linux setup. I'm not using any desktop environment. I use DWM, st and tmux. Things either happen in the shell or the browser. Browsers are, with few exceptions like Gimp and darktable, almost the only GUI applications I use. You can find my configs on github.com/nkoehri...
Early 2015 MacBook Pro (13") running Arch Linux.
Desktop is i7-6700k + RX 480 tragically running Windows 10 (games). I wiped Manjaro from it recently because I needed the SSD. My laptop is a 4 year old Lenovo Flex 4 with Arch. I want to upgrade both computers, but I really don't need it.
WOW - America! Are you ready for this?
Ready for...? Should I be worried?
America has been waiting for 4 long years like waiting at dentist to be done with that drill.
no i'm not sure. i don't trust the Dems, but i don't like the Pres.
What are you guys currently working on? I have created a little Netflix clone recently(JS only): studflix.de . Also i was getting into flutter recently :)
Working on our initial MVP for policedap.org :) I'm also still needing to setup metareply.net for this site...
that netflix clone looks amazing! What tech did you use? I spend most of my free time creating midnight.pub - it's a virtual... pub :)
working on a little tool that will compare you n your friends' steam libraries and show you games you have in common. + give you filter options. idea born out of need. :)
Is that a YouTube curated list? I like it! Also, I read about flutter sometime ago. Really interesting stuff. But what I really can't wait to see is Blazor getting the tools it need and more adoption in the future.
Not only hot, but lots of mosquitos. Life is hard.
this is a really great social network. love the minimalism. i might even enjoy it more than Mastodon... :thinking: now if only there were more people.
There's plenty of great people here unlike some other places.
What are your tricks of 'getting things done' ? For me washing the dishes and 7 minutes workout.
If I'm doing the dishes willingly, I know I'm deep into procrastinating.
Although I fail to do it so often, i have a little "30 minute rule" where if something takes less than half an hour to do - i have to do it instantly. Laying in bed and remember you haven't sorted your laundry out? save yourself the anxiety about procrastination and get it over and done with.
A 12 minute timer. I look at a task (folding laundry, doing dishes, etc) and tell myself I only have to do it for 12 minutes. It's not even a full quarter hour, so I can add in some bonus time if the timer beeps and I only need a couple minutes to finish up. Would you say more about your 7 minute workout?
To get things done, just do not think about it: tiffanymatthe.com/...
I hope none of you are experiencing the joys of moving during a pandemic. As you might expect, it's even worse than the sum of its parts.
Ouch. If moving is in itself a logistical nightmare, during a pandemic it must be way worse.
I'm glad I'm not! I can only imagine how difficult it is moving during this time. Yet, a lot of people I follow on social media seem be doing it.
Oh no! I'm sure it will be worth it in the end, right?
I mirrored MDN on my web server but it is not well searchable or anything: koehr.in/mdn Let's hope I'm just paranoid and MDN will survive this madness.
good call haha
Nice initiative but as it is open source we have the git repo at github.com/mdn/dev... Maybe doing a mirror of this repo would be more helpful ! (:
What we see every day shapes our motivations. Podcast Hidden Brain The Mind's Eye.
I'm currently going through Rustlings, (github.com/rust-la...) (which is by the way a great experience to learn the language !) but I was wondering, what to do with this new knowledge ? What can I implement ?
Since even the Linux kernel is adding support for Rust, I'd say you can implement literally everything from device drivers to web-applications.
Is it hotter than normal where you are in the world, too?
I'm no climate change denier, but no. Why? Because I live in a sub-tropical region, where it's hot all year. The variation on temperature is minimal. Now, people here tell me the weather patterns are different, with the rainy season being now much more unpredictable. I'm on the NE part of Brazil, btw.
Last two years broke a lot of weather records... It's really warm now but luckily not much worse than before.
Here in north UK, it most certainly is. It's not even raining.
My favourite song from "Hamilton" is still "Satisfied": Renee Elise Goldsberry is a diva in the purest sense of the word. She sings and raps in the song; she reveals the highs and lows of being infatuated; and she takes the audience with her on the emotional rollercoaster! BRAVA!
(Except for the two seconds in Right Hand Man with the digitized horse whinny) My personal favorite is Burn. Perhaps less emotionally dynamic as a song, but I've always admired Phillipa Soo's ability to put strength in sorrow.
Just waiting for the thunderstorms, as promised in the weather forecasts...
This morning the clouds darkened the city so much I had to double check that my phone didn't change time zones 3 hours ahead. Streetlamps were still on.
I like your website design.
I like the idea of exoskeletons for rehabilitation (e.g. make paraplegic people walk again) but I dislike human enhancement stuff. Why use an exoskeleton to lift 1000 lbs? Just use a remote controlled robot, or a fork lift! Want to run at 60 mph? Use a car! Just imagine if something goes wrong with the control system or the freaking battery connector fails while the user is lifting 1000 lbs above their head.
That's a very grounded argument you have there. Never thought it like that before. And it makes much sense once you think about it from a practical point of view. All tech fails at some point. And your scenarios, though focusing on very fringe instances, are entirely within the realm of possibility.
Are there any linux sysadmins that have ADHD? I have it bad and find it challenging sometimes. How do you handle remembering everything?
By creating bash scripts and keeping them versioned in git. I can't work with Jenkins without jobConfigHistory plugin.