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Where did the version of myself that was excited to program and advance my career go? They disappeared sometime after I got my first development job.
Wishing everyone Season's Greetings! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
How I wish all my communications could be funneled into just one channel: e-mail, chats on different media, even phone calls, etc. All registered in just one app so it stays coherent and I don't have to browse 7 apps when I'm looking for something. It's far more of a legal problem than a technical one, and it's a *shame*.
There used to be something like that for IM called Meebo. It's a great idea, but do chat systems like Facebook allow third party apps?
IRC is great for chat-only random person conversations.
That's a good idea. I should get into it, that way I can also participate in another channel that I've just been reading for a while.
Yesterday, pizza. Tonight sushi. I don't have the healthiest diet!
My two most favorite foods! I'd say your diet is perfect! :-)
What's your coffee making technique?
I crack open a nice cold can of Mtn Dew.
Gorgeous weather this morning! A nice walk in the park, where the leaves are turning from green to red, gold and brown. Any other Autumn/Fall fans here?
Fall is my favorite season, however it doesn't start for at least another month and a half where I am.
What's the issue?
Thanks for asking. I can only mention one user per post, and rather than fragmenting,, I created a new post:
Echoing , what is the problem? There are here many Linux users, me included. So you're already in a kind of forum.
Thanks for asking. I can only mention one user per post, and rather than fragmenting, I created a new post:
Not any word in particular, but it bothers me how some people use complicated words when there are clearly simpler and more down to earth alternatives available. Damn you pedants!
I saw someone put down some wood instead of a mat under the chair on reddit. Looked amazing!
If it was a few days ago, we probably saw the same post :-)
Kitty? As in "Here kitty, kitty" works like "Here pooch"
"kitty" would be more like "doggy"
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