Something inconsequential bothers me: A novelist writing a series of books featuring an American, spells "curb" as "kerb". "Curb" is the U.S. spelling, "kerb" is the British spelling. That spelling seems unnatural to me, I like the way other British words are spelled, but for some reason, not this one. I wonder why the author uses that spelling. I've only noticed it in his recent novels, so I wonder if he's used the American spelling in the past, and if so, why he changed.
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Something even more inconsequential and maybe a bit related to that bothers me: why so many Americans pronounce the word nuclear, "nucular"? It's very stupid and drives me crazy... How in the world the syllabes nu-cle-ar get transformed into nu-cu-lar? You don't pronounce the word clear, "cular", do you? It makes zero sense and I even heard that pronunciation from some scientists, which is pretty... Baffling. Whatever...
Aaand the billion thing. I learned to be a one with 12 zeroes to the right and when going to school in the US turns out they say is a 1 with 9 zeroes to the right...what gives? My conspiracy theory is that rich people and governments don't want to say they have a thousand millions so they altered to mean a billion as an euphemism to disguise their filthy decadent ways.