Hacker News is still getting worse/popular (I forgot when I first started using, I know it was before the Bitcoin whitepaper). Any other similar sites anyone can recommend?
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I've been liking smaller-scale link sharing places recently. Once I found interesting is hubski.com.
I'm with the others in thinking HN isn't much worse. In spite if its popularity (if you can call a tech forum like that popular), it's still very much one of the best places to find sane conversations on the web.
Regarding sane conversations, that's true.
It indeed got popular, i don't think it got worse, but i see what you are trying to express here, the circle jerk is almost palpable lately. Check out lobste.rs maybe you'll like it there.
Do you have an invite?
+1 for lobste.rs. Quieter, saner, more on point methinks
Its very cool that lobste.rs uses IRC to request invites! Its so retro. I am going to try later.
Is it though?