Finally, and that is just me being maybe paranoid, I found, while going into the settings of Opera, that it is under a EULA. While Brave is released under a Mozilla Public Licence 2. Not a big deal, but if I can avoid one EULA... Again, probably not a good reason not too use Opera ; that's just me preferring the Brave features on my device for day to day use. But on a tablet, I guess it would be great...
Opera is owned by a Chinese company. I highly recommend Firefox eith uBlock Origin over Brave.
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Good to know, doesn't really surprise me. I'll keep Brave for the time being anyway and will try Firefox as well..
Make sure to try Firefox Nightly on mobile, (of course, with uBlock and Dark Reader add-ons installed). They re-designed it, and they're constantly putting out under-the-hood improvements to make it snappier.