I've gone three weeks without watching any TV shows because I'm moving. I don't particularly miss them. I could download and watch them, but it would be a slight hassle for the next three weeks. Maybe I'll see how long I can go without watching any TV shows.
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Let's me know when you're back to it and what new TV shows you're watching.
I only ever watch TV shows with the housemates or unless its a series like Fortitude which I've followed for a while. Its bizarre getting the furious TV Licensing letters through the door expecting me to watch Live TV.
Man, it's been a few months I've not watched a single TV show or movie and I don't miss them either. I don't even remember the last TV show I watched. Lost in Space I think or maybe the Orville... I do remember the last movie, Avengers 3... I don't know, that's strange. Maybe it's the work, I'm tired. Or just a long lasting bad mood...
Lost in Space was lovely. I'm waiting for Season 2 which is being filmed in Iceland just like Prometheus.
I still have the urge to watch something when I eat at home. I tried watching the first episode of season two of Orville, but I just couldn't stand it. I have tried a few other TV shows, but I can't stand them either. I have a new apartment and I'm "settling down." I bought several bookcases and have a couple hundred books I got out of storage plus a hundred or so I just bought from thrift stores. I want to work on my writing, I love reading, and writers read. When I have kid