😀 Tom I have a Pixel 5, and the battery appears to be expanding. I'll probably also look into battery replacement and just keep the device as a backup.
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🏒 Lucian Marin I have a Pixel 5 as well. Last summer it costed me 275 euros to replace the screen. I'm waiting for Pixel 7a, 8 or 8a to replace it.
😀 Tom That sucks. I use a thin TPU case, a 9h glass screen protector, and a Pop Socket for my phone which has saved it from a lot of drops and prevented many more. Right now my phone won't fit in the case until I swap the battery. I know someone that had a destroyed phone screen, and I recommended they get a 9h glass screen protector once they get a new phone. That person did not heed my advice, and shortly thereafter, their new phone had a broken screen. Glass screen protectors are nice, plastic screen protectors are garbage, and plastic screen protectors do not protect the glass from shock when the phone falls and hits the ground.
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