😀 Tom Subreply is not addicting, so I pretty much only visit when I feel like sharing something, and then I see if anyone else has shared anything. There is no doomscrolling. I kind of like the "anonymity" of it, rather than it just being for friends. I suppose that's what Twitter was like, but I never used it and the UI didn't make sense to me. Subreply's UX doesn't make sense to some people, me included, but that's okay (re: how threads are displayed).
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👨‍💻 William Young This is something that really resonates with me. It's s paradoxical problem for someone making a social media of trying to make something that is healthy by not gamifying it, but at the same time generating a network effect by people returning frequently. A great example that has tried to find this balance is BeReal.
🐓 Mega What's interesting with BeReal is it's probably the most gamified social media, yet it's one where you essentially cannot doomscroll. It kinda baffles me that BeReal is able to find a balance that still keeps it entertaining and capable of keeping interesting content without needing constant sustained interactions from both the creator and consumer sides, but I'm definitely not upset about it. BeReal's a really interesting case that has struck all the right chords of a social media, in my opinion.