😀 Tom Has anyone here used a sensory deprevation chamber before?
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Derek Sivers I have. Despite all the cost and fuss (space-age pod and salty water and showers), it was just a nice quiet place to lie down for an hour. Feel free to ask me anything about it. Curious to hear if anyone had a very different experience.
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😀 Tom I appreciate the offer. I'm not sure I really have any specific questions at this time. I first thought about them years ago, and it's just been an on-and-off curiousity since then. There is a local float center, so I supose I just need to try it at least once. I like the idea of medition, and I thought it could be used for relaxation, though I'm not sure at this point. I used to sauna for a while when I had the opportunity, and that was pretty relaxing. I guess I have a question: do you think it could be used for relaxing (any for the body besides just the mind)?