John Olinda So what are you all up to? I'm working on prepping for a wedding photography shoot, trying to clean the house up at the end of a renovation, and reading A Mind for Numbers.
😀 Tom Assembling a computer on Newegg. Just bought the screen off of Amazon. It's an EIZO FlexScan EV2730QFX 26.5" Square IPS 1920x1920. We have one of these at work in our ATC sim lab. I love the vertical real estate. The computer will have 64GB of RAM to run multiple VMs at the same time. I'm only buying one video card now, but I might buy a second to pass through the VGA from the VMs. The motherboard and Ryzen CPU both support IOMMU. I think I'm going to seriously attempt to get back into programming. I need a good hobby, and that could be it. I'm interested in also programming for AR/VR (perhaps the platform for the next killer apps).
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