Mark Dain -- It's live! I only have 1 blog post up so far and my platform can't take comments just yet (but the DB structures are in place for it). But I finally have a website again.
😀 Tom Looks good! While I agree too, the third paragraph under Interests might make it harder to get a job, even in someplace like Texas.
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Mark Dain Hmm, I rewrote that section a few times to water it down but perhaps it ought to be removed completely. Do employers check Facebook these days? I hear about it but I'm not sure how common it is. I ask as I've liked the NRA page, for instance.
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😀 Tom Yes, they do. Change your "privacy" settings to keep your liked pages private. For example, check out my FB profile as a non-friend, yours should look like that. It's easier for HR to just not hire someone that mentions guns, even if you're perfectly same, than it is for them to take the risk that something might happen and someone asks them, "Didn't you do a background check and see that he was a gun fanatic?" ... and then sue. HR is all about limiting the company's liability; not hiring the best employee.
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