What other social networks do you enjoy these days?
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Looks interesting -- thanks!
Oh, this looks really interesting. Joined - thanks!
My Facebook is actually pretty decent. I am quite rigorous in blocking ads, groups and users I don't appreciate so I've ended up with a reasonable user experience. It's mainly my real-life friends commenting, and me writing silly and funny statuses. I use Reddit a lot, and do not enjoy it at all, I don't know why I do it to myself.
I once tried to "get into" Reddit. I failed horribly. These days I am mainly enjoying browsing r/TheInternetIsBeautiful and occasionally gaze at screenshots from r/Civ6. I do wish I had the guts to be using Facebook as I did back in the days. However, I haven't posted in more than three years.
Mastodon mainly.
Just been wondering what's Mastodon and now I'm wondering how it could interconnect with subreply :)
IRC mainly. And a handful of discord servers
How does the Discord servers work for you? I've joined two over the last weeks. One for the Yak Collective and one for Theorizing the Web. Each super interesting projects attracting people I admire - however, I don't seem to make space for them in my day-to-day life. Similarly, it took me four days to log-in to this place again. Meanwhile, Facebook group of apps is checked multiple times per day. :(
I'm on a Mastodon instance, but I wish it was Pleroma. I think. The people are nice, though. And then there is ...
HN is okay still and Twitter is almost decent.
Je suis sur Twitter mais ce n"est plus staoble comme projet non ?
My relationship with HN has largely been mediated by Kale's weekly round-up newsletter (hackernewsletter.com). However, it does seem like one of the places where comments (can) have value.