♟️ Nathan Knight to f3
😀 Tom It's only been seven years, but I'm finally starting to have dreams about my current job, and less dreams about my old job.
♦️ Robert Blinov And I've just had a nightmare about having to wake up to an alarm clock. It's been two months since I deleted the Clock app off my phone.
♟️ Nathan I wonder if anyone ever on Subreply actually gave their PayPal in the Social section
🏒 Lucian Marin I want to improve profile details. What do you think is relevant?
😀 Tom Does Hacker News count as social media?
👨‍💻 William Young Depends on definition, but I would say yes. It is a medium for people to share ideas and discuss them.
🏒 Lucian Marin Hopefully the links section will become as interesting as hn.
😁 Nitin Khanna social media, as in where you go to consume content and read people's comments and have conversations? Yes. Social network, as in where you go to hang out with friends? Nope!
😀 Tom Subreply is not addicting, so I pretty much only visit when I feel like sharing something, and then I see if anyone else has shared anything. There is no doomscrolling. I kind of like the "anonymity" of it, rather than it just being for friends. I suppose that's what Twitter was like, but I never used it and the UI didn't make sense to me. Subreply's UX doesn't make sense to some people, me included, but that's okay (re: how threads are displayed).
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👨‍💻 William Young This is something that really resonates with me. It's s paradoxical problem for someone making a social media of trying to make something that is healthy by not gamifying it, but at the same time generating a network effect by people returning frequently. A great example that has tried to find this balance is BeReal.
Zero Edge Can't wait for the dystopia future the G20 want to usher in. Double down on their failed strategies. Never admit they are wrong. Under G20's brilliant ideas, during the next pandemic the world we know will be over. It will be complete tyranny and no one will stop them. Vaccine Passports = The End.... I mean these pricks are so arrogant what would they do if this vaccine was actually "bad"? I have no doubt they would let people die instead of sacrificing their pride and admit the "horrible unvaccinated" were right... How anyone can trust this group of absolute baboons I have no idea.
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♟️ Nathan I have witnessed too many 'the world as we know it will end' predictions over the course of my life to believe this time it's actually going to be the tipping point.
♦️ Robert Blinov "The next pandemic" is dystopia-speak: trying to normalise once-in-a-century type events occurring one after another.
😀 Tom Happy Subversary to me! 8 years!
👨‍💻 William Young I had no idea it was this old! Happy sub-day
👨‍💻 William Young Ooh, the trending tab disappeared?
🏒 Lucian Marin Trending was showing the latest threads sorted by number of replies. Threads is doing the same thing, but you can see all of them in chronological order.
♦️ Robert Blinov Fell into a rabbit hole yesterday evening. Oddly enough, everything I've read on that website so far actually makes sense and does not contradict any of my existing beliefs. familyoftaygeta.com
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♟️ Nathan Been skimming through some pages. It seems like an update to Scientology mythology but cheaper.
😀 Tom Has anyone here used a sensory deprevation chamber before?
Derek Sivers I have. Despite all the cost and fuss (space-age pod and salty water and showers), it was just a nice quiet place to lie down for an hour. Feel free to ask me anything about it. Curious to hear if anyone had a very different experience.
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Amrita digging into openstreetmap for a project, exciting
Steve Brand Share your thoughts on OpenStreetMap!
♟️ Nathan Share your project once done!
🧿 Dav Bell Why some text are white and some gray? I don't recognise any pattern
♦️ Robert Blinov Main text in strong color, related text in grey.
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🧿 Dav Bell Love the emoji thing - but what happens when > # emojis? Can we pay $8 per month to have the exclusive right to an emoji?
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♦️ Robert Blinov Emoji combinations are already one-per-user.
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🧿 Dav Bell How to to back on the about page - from the mobile website pls edit: found it subreply.com/about edit2: why I can't reply to my message myself
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😀 Tom explaned the reason a while back, I forget what he said. I wanted the feature, but I do like the fact that it prevents basically what you see on Twitter sometimes with 1/X posts.
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Bhagya How many chucks can a wood chuck can chuck if wood chuck can chuck wood?
👨‍💻 William Young "about 700 pounds (320 kg) on a good day, with the wind at his back"