I do many things, but mostly creative stuff with computers.
about.qiekub.com/t... ~ 24 years old from Germany
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There are 10.9 million (3304*3304) combinations using just two emojis. If only Subreply will reach that many accounts.
Snopes seems exactly like what Elon Musk wanted to do with Pravduh.
I'm not sure yet how far I can take it, but if I fit all the pieces together I might end up with something useful. Text parsing is a bit tricky but it will work, following links and building a global tree is doable, letting users save interesting links is simple, commenting on search results is something I want.
What about letting people give tags or some kind of voting, to inform about the quality of the webpage and to also challenge fake-news and radical websites. This shouldn't be much more data and could possible greatly benefit the search-results
Restrooms with motion-activated lights should have additional motion detectors above the stalls.
Ahhh, YES But it would be even better if the room checks if someone's in there, not if something is moving
I've been having a lot of interesting dreams lately. One of the most interesting ones is where I stole a jet, went on SpaceX's first manned moon mission, and skydived all in one dream. I went skydiving before, and it worth doing at least once, never stole a jet and probably never will, and I guess I can only dream about going to the moon, although it is a life goal to go into space.
Uhh!!! I love those dreams! They always give me the ultimate motivation to get out of bed and change the world (but then, I also just wanna sleep in to dream a bit further)
Apple doesn't seem to run ads, at all, in mainland Europe. At least I have never seen it on TV in Sweden, Germany, or the Netherlands. Instead carriers have ads for their networks and sometimes pitch in a "get phone X free with subscription Y". This is done with new phones most of the time. The S7 was released this month, the iPhone was released half a year ago.
I'm from Germany. Here Apple runs a campaign, each year, short after the release. At the end of every spot, the logo of the carrier, who sponsored the ad is shown.
For user lists like , following, followers and country, what would you like to see for each member, the number of entries, replies or updates?
When people are triggered by eggplant emoji... it is time to move on.
I noticed this trend a few years ago. I was a pretty good web/ui designer for a few years. Then I decided to re-learn programming, built Sublevel and now I have a full-time job as a software engineer. I still think design is better than code, but it's hard to explain to someone why a design is better than other. With code it's easier because it does or doesn't do what the end user is asking.
I think, sometimes you can convince people by an example(, that design is not about beauty): compare the medium.com editor with Word 2007. Of course, it's trendy flat, but that's coming from a more important point: it's missing the distracting buttons at the top and info lines at the bottom. It just focuses on the writing, not on word art.
Spacemacs is one of the very few applications that excites me when there are new updates.
I'm existed about updates for the medium.com app. Cause then I'll get something short and nice to read.
Nothing or zero for all keys.
Can't you detect that? For example, by simulating a keystroke and waiting for the event. If it's not there after 50ms you could show an submit button.
Can't do anything about it. You need stock Android keyboad or an iOS device.
You mentioned that only the keyboards are sending the right keycode. What are the other keyboards sending? Are they sending nothing?
Does anyone else feel like they have no time? I seem to spend all my life working or sleeping nowadays, it's kinda depressing
Yes, I know that. My approach is to do something I would also do in my free time, with people I like. So it's more relaxing to work than not to.
Yes. Very easy to DIY. I'm surprised there isn't a zine-culture rebooting around this.
Is there any information file in the zip, on how the pictures should be arranged? Or stuff like a title and a short description?
Genuinely curious, and this is a question posed to anyone, I'm not singling you out: what is the attraction of using an app? In addition to a couple of unremovable/occasionally useful apps my phone came with like generic email, SMS and so on, I literally have: a banking app; Google Mail; and Google Maps installed. Everything else is a website saved to my homescreen, because everything wants to bombard me with notifications or otherwise waste my battery life with background se
On iOS, a full app can send notifications. Something I'm missing in Sublevel. But that would be a point for a real app. Otherwise, a web-app would be fine.
I use paper. I mean really use it. Making digital backups of my pages. One thing you have to do when you use paper, set and forget about changing your formats. Using 10.5"x8" binder paper (aka loose-leaf filler paper) of substantial weight. When you use both sides of the paper, you really cannot afford to use cheap paper. Lined or not, what really matters is consistent size and weight of the paper. But like a binder, I don't want to fiddle with PDF tools---what I have discove
I looked it up on wikipedia and the comic-book-format seams like it's just a zip/7z/... with another file extension.