Can the OSX app get bit more padding? The text's hitting the window border.
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Genuinely curious, and this is a question posed to anyone, I'm not singling you out: what is the attraction of using an app? In addition to a couple of unremovable/occasionally useful apps my phone came with like generic email, SMS and so on, I literally have: a banking app; Google Mail; and Google Maps installed. Everything else is a website saved to my homescreen, because everything wants to bombard me with notifications or otherwise waste my battery life with background se
Sublevel app on iOS and OS X is faster because it doesn't need a full browser, just WebKit to render the pages. For example, I develop it in the browser, but I post from the app. It's about convenience, I guess.
On iOS, a full app can send notifications. Something I'm missing in Sublevel. But that would be a point for a real app. Otherwise, a web-app would be fine.