Alson Kaw The main problem designers and web developers face now is that anyone nowadays can create a design / website. But doing it right, is hard.
👽 Lucian Marin I noticed this trend a few years ago. I was a pretty good web/ui designer for a few years. Then I decided to re-learn programming, built Sublevel and now I have a full-time job as a software engineer. I still think design is better than code, but it's hard to explain to someone why a design is better than other. With code it's easier because it does or doesn't do what the end user is asking.
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🌈 Thomas Rosen I think, sometimes you can convince people by an example(, that design is not about beauty): compare the editor with Word 2007. Of course, it's trendy flat, but that's coming from a more important point: it's missing the distracting buttons at the top and info lines at the bottom. It just focuses on the writing, not on word art.
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