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😌 Ismail How do you deal with loss of motivation?
Anon Just ride it out and try to psych yourself back up
Cole Hudson Is the United States more religious than Europe? My understanding is that Europe is broadly-but-casually religious whereas the US is specifically-but-actively religious, e.g. France vs the Bible Belt. Curious because I heard an argument attributing the prevalence of religion as inversely proportional to the size of a societies social safety net.
Anon Those strongly religious people are mostly in the South and Midwest. Anything along the coasts is less religious too.
Cole Hudson Absolutely, but my personal constraint is that I'm not satisfied understanding a lot about one, or mostly one, thing. Moreover, if the quality of thought at all reflects in the amount of money returned, it seems imperative, to me, that I should improve the quality of my thoughts by reading. Ouroboros all the way down.
Anon Read more, let the programming come to you. Reading is always good
☕💻 Tk Master hi ...uh, spammer? why the amazon link?
Anon I write poetry its only 2.99 i fully admit its "spammy" but FFS, we all gotta market/promote ourselves to get by in this world
Adsr I like how wholesome this community is. I haven't seen any trolls or anything even close to those Twitter flame-wars. I've always felt that every social media platform has its own personality, and I really love Subreply's. Or perhaps it's because there's only a handful of people here and a social network is doomed to be toxic as it gains popularity.
Anon Text alone can convey the message its all you need. I like this place everyone seems nice and chill
Nick It's one of those times when reality feels altered. Like when you walk out of a crowded theater.
Anon Yeah thats a good feeling or when you walk out of a bar at 2 AM. I like that time of night I get my best thinking done then
Nick What is the best time of day? For me it is 11pm-3am. There' s something special about those hours.
Anon I agree with you about 11-3 am those are the best hours