Any good recommendations for an RSS reader? I'm trying to curb my mindless scrolling of things like Reddit and HN. I'm on iOS for mobile if that matters.
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I miss Fever. Technically it'll still run, but you'll have to set up a pre-7.0 PHP server and then deal with getting Shaun Inman to switch your domain over. And he's a pain in the ass to deal with.
Yeah, trying to solve this exact problem with We are releasing an iOS app later this year.
Oh so you're the guy behind that? Seems like a super cool project. Well done!
I started the trial this week and I'm digging it.
Never really found the use for RSS... just came to plug for anyone in the programming world.
If you know Python, DIY. Spent a week making a YouTube browser using YouTube's RSS feed function and it was intensely rewarding. Used this library: Even for a kinda novice Python coder like me (I don't do OOPs) it wasn't too hard to figure out.
Oooohhh sounds like a nice project to start and then abandon two weeks later :) I'll have to check it out.
I enjoy inoreader
I'm using at the moment and liking it.
Mine's a part of my nextcloud server :D
That sounds cool. So did you write an RSS reader for yourself to host then? I have a server that I use for small projects right now, so this sounds interesting.
RSS FeedBro extension for Chrome. It comes with rss feed search feature.
Check out been a game changer to get all the content I'm interested in packaged up and sent in a nice tidy email to me
I use Slack for a RSS reader. You can have a try.
Recommend NewsBlur. Open Source software, run as a service. Been around for probably 10 years?
Seconded. Great service. Yeah, that's about how long I've been with them as well. Since Google canned Reader.
There was some traffic coming from last week. I built Artificial Feed to replace my feed reader.
I use Inoreader.
I am also on iOS and use Feedly for RSS.
Same. Been using Feedly ever since Google Reader shut down :(