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Write something for this to disappear.
Gonna put it on F-droid?
Good idea, it should be possible.
It seems you all have changed the rules for allowable characters in user names. Unfortunately for me, you went in the opposite direction of what I had proposed. I had asked that you consider allowing non-English alphabet characters because many English speakers have non-English names. I had placed a ? on my name as a sort of joke protest: L?o. Now even that is not permissible. I am trying to understand why you would do that and what is your rationale here.
First and last names support Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A and Latin Extended-B from en.wikipedia.org/w...
Hey! New user here.... is Sublevel app coming back?
It will be back when Apple approves the new app.
Probably a stupid question but what's the exact difference between the Explore/Current and Explore/Replied feeds? They seem pretty similar...
They can look similar when the last reply matches the last update, but they show different things.
It would be great if there was 1Password integration. Using the iOS app now.
Oh. Why does it say Note to self? Or 'Talk privately'?
You can take private notes and send private messages to others too.
: What happened to the block functionality? There's a troll that I want to block, is it still possible to do (link removed) or has all the code been deleted?
Block option is on the other profile pages.
How does one post using the website?
You just did. What else is there to post?
Thanks! What sets this apart from Twitter?
640 characters instead of 140, threaded conversations, fast server response times, low on CPU and memory, amazing on battery life and a responsive and better design than Twitter among other things.
For a continuous feed like Sublevel I think it is fine to drop pagination. Separate links add no value anyway since the content of those pages keep changing. As long as it is an enhancement and everything keeps working without JavaScript!
It will continue to work without JavaScript, but you'll only get the last 10 items on each page. Actually, the ever changing behavior of Sublevel might bring duplicates in the feed when the "load more" link is pressed.
Hello Sublevel. Just making my bi-annual return to my favourite social network. Can we now post links? Have seen a couple of imgur links in my travels.
Hello again. No, no links are available to you. You have to come here more often in order to enable links. Just kidding... or not.
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